The largest component of Altech stoves is soapstone, a material whose unique properties make it highly suited to burning fires in.

A natural feature of soapstone is that it is twice as efficient at storing heat and 10 times better at conducting heat as fireproof bricks. Once stored, the heat is gradually released. This infrared heat is deliciously gentle and feels like a warm blanket. It is released by the soapstone for up to 12 hours after the fire in the stove has gone out.

Furthermore, your Altech stove will also use this radiated heat to warm your walls, ceilings and floor. This is in contrast to sheet metal stoves which emit an enormous amount of heat in a short time before rapidly cooling off.


As mentioned, the soapstone accumulates the heat from the fire and then gradually releases it. The major advantage of this is that, besides their high combustion efficiency, Altech soapstone stoves release the heat from a block of wood for much longer. In other words, your house stays warmer for longer, the warmth is more comfortable and you burn less wood, which is better for the environment too!


Unique combustion method

What makes Altech stoves unique is that they are not clad, but constructed inside and out from soapstone. Your fire therefore burns in a soapstone combustion chamber and the flames are in direct contact with its walls, all of which means the stone sections are optimally heated.20151105072157

To get even more out of the fuel, we have developed an exhaust system that makes use of the flue gases to transfer more heat into the soapstone.


Another benefit of the radiated heat by burning in soapstone compared to ordinary convection stoves is that hardly any air is displaced. A convection stove sucks air in, this air is heated and the hot air is then released into the room. Unfortunately, this also causes a lot of dust particles to be blown through the room

Another problem is that this dust burns when it touches the extremely hot walls of the convection stove before it is expelled again. Obviously, breathing in these particles is bad for your health. Because Altech stoves release their heat through the soapstone instead of sucking air in to heat it, they do not have this drawback. This makes Altech stoves more suitable for people with dust allergies.