About Altech

Almost 35 years ago we imported our first stand-alone soapstone stoves from America. Inspired by the unique heating method, we decided to design and produce our own soapstone stoves. We are therefore intensely proud that we have been manufacturing a robust Dutch product of the highest quality for three decades.

Fortunately, our customers feel exactly the same way, which is why Altech has had to move to bigger premises on three occasions. Since 2007, our offices, factory and showroom have been housed in a building covering more than 6500 m2. Feel free to come along and have a look. Our showroom is open from Wednesday to Friday between 1.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. and by appointment.


Our vast experience in our business and the opportunities we have to develop our own stoves have enabled us to apply a whole array of new techniques. As a consequence, not only do Altech stoves burn beautifully, they also ensure highly efficient combustion. The heat that is generated by this combustion is used optimally using what we refer to as our countercurrent exchange principle  which means as much heat as possible goes towards heating your home. Our aqua system enables our stoves to go a step further by heating the water in your central heating system so that you can be even more economical with your energy.




As you will have noticed, sustainability is paramount at Altech. We explore every avenue to improve the combustion efficiency of our fireplaces, limit emissions to a minimum and make the most effective use possible of the heat generated with the choice of material playing a key role in this. For instance, did you know that soapstone works a bit like a battery? It stores the heat of the fire and emits it into its surroundings from up to 12 hours, so when you use our soapstone stoves, you get more heat per block of wood.
That is good for the environment as well as your wallet!