Altech has been creating light-weight, heat-storing, soapstone-stoves and soapstone fireplaces, chimneys and bakeovens for over 25 years. The unique construction of the Altech stoves and fireplaces - with stone walls set into a cast iron frame - allows for them to be moved and installed in one piece. And of course, they produce the soft and comfortable radiant heat for which heat-storing fireplaces became so well known.

Altech soapstone stoves and soapstone fireplaces combine craftsmenship with the most modern clean technologies. Altech uses automated air controll with temperature-sensitive bi-metal springs as well as catalytic converters. All Altech units have a  burning efficiency of minimum 80 % and less than 0,1 % CO. They are constructed to produce a maximum of radiant heat.

Altech soapstone stoves and soapstone fireplaces come in many varieties and for each model you have the choice  between 8 stone colours and 4 cast iron colours. They all use the best quality ceramic glass that is air-cleaned to always provide you with a clear view of the dancing flames. Altech chimneys are the most fire-resistant chimneys ever seen.

Please feel free to surf through our website and remember that you can only try our radiant heat yourself at the showroom of one of our dealers